Plymouth University’s Walking New Movements Conference 2019, 1-3 November
POSTED ON 22.10.2019 IN Lectures

I’ve been invited to give a talk at Plymouth University’s Walkings New Movements Conference 2019, 1st -3rd of November. For more details and registration click here.

The Conference kicks off on Friday evening 6-8.30 pm, with registration at 5pm.

My paper “You only see the wind through what it touches” is on Friday evening. Hope to see you there!


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  1. Avatar Don Cordery says:

    ….. my dear Geraldine — the title of your paper brings to mind a haiku ‘poem’ ———-

    Without a brush –
    The willow
    – Paints the wind

    all my love and best wishes for your work X

    —- much love ——– Don X

    1. Avatar geraldine says:

      Thank you Don! That’s beautiful.

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