REVIEW by David Montgomery
POSTED ON 06.07.2016 IN Blog Yehudi Menuhin's Centenary

In London we are privileged to be steeped in cultural life constantly drawn to the galleries and concert halls.
 But rarely are two art forms blended together to celebrate the young emerging talent that will captivate the next generation of concert-goers.
The Yehudi Menuhin School centenary celebration did just that at the A&D Gallery in Chiltern Street later transferring to the school itself in the early part of July for the Menuhin 100 Festival. In the gallery sketches and paintings of the children by artist Geraldine van Heemstra were exhibited as the young Menuhin players performed.
Observers commented that the movement of the performers were reflected in the gestures portrayed in the paintings. In sketches where the performer’s face was partly obscured teachers and parents recognised the player by his or her distinctive physical technique in the portrait.
 The event repeated through the week at the Chiltern Street gallery was a joyous affair recognising the often unsung devotion of those supporters, teachers and parents of a far-sighted institution established by one of the world’s great twentieth century musicians.
 Presenting the talent of the pupils in music and painting emphasizes and fulfills the enduring need to promote supreme quality in the arts.

David Montgomery (newspaper executive) 

Photographs – Madelaine Tuininga

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